Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday I went to watch Batman-The Dark Knight at Jitra Mall
The cinema was horrible
I bought the seats which were middle last few rows from back
Cant imagine why there was a big air-cond juz right above us
I can't concentrate to the movie at all due to super duper cold!!!
All along the movie , I could feel my hair was "dancing" un-systematically on my my head
Really got no idea why this cinema got such creative air-cond allocation which I never experienced before in TGV, GSC or Cathay!!!
Besides this, one more incidents which drove me crazy!!!
As usual, I went to buy pop corn and drink
There was a promotion Mummy combo package -pop corn + soft drink = RM5
That promotion card was jus right in front that counter
At that time was a Malay guy n a Chinese gal serving at that counter
So I juz pointed to that promotion card with my finger and told that Malay guy that I wanted this combo package
ok, when all the stuffs got ready and I was going to pay
The cashier machine mini screen showing RM6.90
I juz asked that Chinese gal why was not RM5.00
your combo package is RM6.90, she said
but this card is stating RM5.00, I said
that is for MUMMY combo, she said
yes, that's what i asking for and i did pointing this to you colleaguethat i wanted it,right? I asked that Malay guy & he nodded his head
but you didnt mention you want MUMMY COMBO, she said again
I already pointing at the card!!! and do u think there is a promotion package n why i still asking for normal package??? I asked her
soli, you should mention the MUMMY, she replied
WHAT THE HELL, what kind of service is that????I cant believe this kind of staff involving in servicing field. I would like to ask her to use her brain, why must comes with the word of MUMMY, what about the customer is a dumb? then he will never get the chance to enjoy the promotion package????
During that time, I juz didnt want to argue with her cos there was a lot customers Q-ing behind me and there was onli 1 counter opened for duty.
And SHIT, she ruined my mood for watching movie!!!!!

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