Thursday, April 3, 2008



Thanks for responding so promptly - Dr. Irma is a XXX specialist that Mr. XX connected us with- from either Malaysia or Thailand - not sure - wrote to her lately but had no answer - could you find out where is she ?or if Mr/ XX has appointed someone else to this position.

Could you give me some info about the Koh Samui - prices/ condition - web sites - did you book directly ? if you speak Malay maybe you get better deal than if we book from here ?
the holiday I want to combine will be after the session with XXX is finished - once I came back to Australia I will have to leave Alina only with her father and my sister for 2-3 months as I go to work in Romania / Europe developing the EU XXX so I would really like to give Alina something so nice to remember and to be joyous about as this coincides with her school holiday too.
Thank you again - can't wait to see you - maybe organise for you to marry my nephew in Romania - he is finishing this year his uni for INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS - and you may come and live in Romania for a while - until you get bored of Europe... who knows ?
kind regards
ps. send me a photo of you if you have
Mariana XXX


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